Women's Concealed Carry Shirt

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  Holster Shirt Features:

  • Holds sub-compact, compact, full size, 1911 style pistols and revolvers
  • Provides comfortable concealment under any of your front opening garments
  • Easily access your firearm from a seated position, even while wearing a seat belt
  • Built in undergarment strap holds the weight of your firearm
  • Holster shirt can be machine washed and dried without shrinking
  • Petite sizes (Small and XS): 100% preshrunk cotton
  • Regular / Unisex sizes (Small through XL): 50/50 poly/cotton 
  • Holster proudly made in the U.S.A.

These holster shirts for ladies are extremely versatile. They provide ultimate comfort whether you’re going to be toting a pistol at the office, sitting at your desk or in a car, riding your bike, working in your backyard, going for a jog or running all while conceal carrying a gun. The demand for ultimate comfort when concealing firearms has resulted in our clothing becoming the number one choice for women who conceal carry. Because these shirts are stretchy and the pistol is positioned under your armpit, they also work great for pregnant women looking for a comfortable way to carry concealed during pregnancy. 

A specially manufactured holster allows you to accommodate many styles and sizes of handguns. The shirts are created for cross draws (drawing the gun from the holster across your body).

"Awesome t-shirt. Fit both a .38 and a .40 cal Glock comfortably. After awhile, I totally forgot I was wearing the gun it was so comfortable and secure. Just threw a light shirt over the t-shirt and no one could tell I had my conceal carry gun on me. Loved it -- all my friends thought it was pretty cool too. I liked having it so close and I don't have to fumble with a holster (especially when sitting/driving) or dig in my purse. Easy to reach and holds the weight great, but you must wear the shirt tight (one size smaller than usual) for it to hold good and stay close to the body. I now am making a list for Xmas presents this year because these will make very unique gifts for your conceal carry family and friends." - Christine S., Akron, OH


Concealed Carry for Small Female

Our Shirt Holsters are also available for petite and small-framed ladies! They are comfortable, just like a regular T-shirt, and provide classic look while inconspicuously combining the convenience of strong and secure built-in concealment holsters.
We manufacture Petite size crew neck t-shirts only for right handed shooters at this time. 

Please note: for the holster to work properly the shirt has to have a snug fit. For larger sizes please visit Holster Shirts page.

Size chart for womens holster shirts

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