About Us

Concealed Carry Wear is a clothing manufacturer based in Cleveland, Ohio that specializes in undercover tactical wear used by law enforcement, federal agents, executive protection and civilian concealed carry.

With family in law enforcement as well as in the military and international agencies, the safety and well-being of our families became top priority. We began researching on ways we could protect ourselves as well as others by asking agents in the field the major problems that concerned them the most regarding their firearms.

Their feedback was almost overwhelming; however, some major concerns were revealed…

Concealment of course was the largest concern. Think about it, the mere fact that the agents’ lives and those they protect, depend on always having a firearm completely concealed while working on the job, and in some states it is against the law to have your weapon showing. Therefore, we concluded that agents needed the ultimate concealment. In some scenarios, agents often have to sleep with their firearms, which of course is a major comfort issue.

As well as comfort issues, law enforcement agents also had the concerns about the accessibility of getting their firearms. Since they tend to spend most of their time in a car or sitting at a desk, their ability to obtain their firearm quickly from that position is of the foremost priorities.

The Creation Process:

These concerns led us to the concept and creation of our shirts. Our concealed carry shirts are extremely versatile and comfortable. They also are made to accommodate a wide variety of handguns.

The demand for ultimate comfort when concealing firearms has resulted in our gear becoming the number one choice for those who conceal carry. Please read the testimonials page to see what our customers say about Concealed Carry Wear's products.


All of us here at CCW thank you for getting to know us better and we look forward to your business!


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