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Fred reviewing "The Coyote" Model OWB Holster and a Holster Shirt 




  • This is the best out of 5 brands I have tried, well made, highly recommend. Very high quality shirts. Great people to deal with. These shirts far outrank any other ccw shirt !! Warren M.

  • I believe that wearing this new CCW gear is really comfortable. I say, nothing compares. Now, I don't have a gun poking my rib cage or sticking me in the back when I am trying to relax, and the best thing about it is, nobody knows I'm carrying, unless, I tell them so. Great job !    T.D., OH

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  • I first saw “wearccw” holster shirt at a gun show in Mansfield Ohio. I walked by a couple times and the gentleman manning the booth told me that I wouldn't regret trying one. He was right. Since then (about 4 or 5 years ago) I have purchased 6 more shirts. They are my “goto”carry in almost all situations and weather( hot/cold). I carry several makes and sizes of pistols and they work as well for my glocks as they do for my Ruger Lc9, Smith & Wesson 38 and my Springfield. They conceal extremely well are very comfortable and well made. I am a huge fan of these holsters." - Gordon B., Howard, OH 
  • This product is absolutely awesome!!! I've personally tried this product out and you can hardly notice you are carrying!!!     David O.

  • I like shoulder holsters, and these concealed carry shirts are like a shoulder holster and shirt all in one. Plus it does not print like regular shoulder holsters do. Great product!    Jim S.

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  • Go anywhere comfort! This product is great for its intended purpose, and serves its function very nicely. Sometimes I forget I am wearing a handgun. Durable material - I've washed the shirts over 50 times & still as great as day one. Long story short I would and do recommend these shirts. Thanks, Randy H., Valley City, OH

  • Your shirt works well when riding my Harley- easily covered with a vest or leather. Fair price too! Uncle Fred, Olmsted Falls, OH

  • I've used holsters from pretty much all the major brands to carry off duty. Leather shoulder rigs, yaqui holsters in cross-draw and same side, single retention snap holsters, syntetic material in level I and II retention and cheap "one size fits all" style holsters. They carry 1911s, Springfield XDs in 9mm and .45 and an M&P in .40, all 4" barrel or longer. This holster fits all of them comfortably, from walking around the house, riding my motorcycle to a 13 hour car drive to South Carolina. Nothing I put in it made it sag. Every time I reached for it, the pistol was right there. I actually like this better than my shoulder rig, which puts the weight on my neck. Here, it's supported by your shoulder. 

    I like to wear an athletic compression shirt under this one for an added layer of comfort. The weight bearing strap inside the shirt holds the weapon securely on the side of your body and is a soft enough material that directly on bare skin there is no discomfort. Throw a second layer of your choosing over top of this one and your pistol is secured with little to no imprinting. Nicely made! Thank you!       Patrick S.

  • Want to thank you for the shirts. I'm wearing the white shirt now with my Ruger SR9c riding comfortably and securely. Placement of the holster is perfect; the pistol is positioned  just right. These shirts are great. My buddies here are impressed, and so am I. Thanks again.   Gary Hillyer.

  • I bought one of your shirts & have shown it to all my friends & more than a few have said, Outstanding! I am looking to buy another for a friend. Loyal customer, Niko, OH

  • Your products are awesome.  Have purchased the holster shirt, outside carry holster and the belt. Will, OH
  • I bought a concealed pistol shirt from you and I really like it. I would like to buy two or three more, in various colors, plus your tactical shirt with the Velcro buttons. I will pass your website on to several friends of mine who are always looking for better way to conceal their weapons. Many thanks, Ted, MI.

  • Just to let you know. I bought one of your shirts, it fits great and I love it. Looked around at other concealment shirts and they did not compare with what you had. I plan on buying more of your shirts and telling my friends. And also giving them a card so they can get some for themselves. Again, thanks for the opportunity to buy a great product.   David, MI

  • You can count on more orders from me & the folks who take tactical shooting instruction from me. As well as a few Law Enforcement friends who are very interested in your outstanding products. All the best, Niko

  • Excellent service, fast shipping.  Roy, Philadelphia, PA

  • Very happy with the shirt, service and price.  Daniel B., Los Lunas, NM

  • Very nice. My Pt145 Pro fits great. Thanks. Mark S., MI

  • I have two shirts. As a woman I find them very comfortable, soft, and able to support the weight of a full size gun. I am very happy with my impulse buy. You have a good product. Thanks, Deborah, OH

  • The shirt is awesome and fits great! Thanks, highly recommended! Robert D., CA

  • FANTASTIC FOLKS TO WORK WITH!!!!! Highly recommend. Steve M., WA  

  • Got exactly what I wanted! And VERY fast too!!!!!!! Thanks.

  • Nice shirt. The glock g 23 fits nice. Greg H., AZ

  • Nice shirt. Well made and yes, order one size smaller. Will buy more. Dan R., Seattle, WA

  • Great product. Very satisfied doing business with. Charles P., Midland, TX

  • Great idea, especially if you have trouble with your back with a belt holster. Tim W., Louisville, KY

  • Item as described, fast shipping, great price, highly recommended. Thanks. Tony M., Dyer, IN

  • Very pleased with my shirt!  Kevin, Troy, OH    

  • Best CC holster on the market. Best seller. Thank you so much. I have bought 2.  Jimmy M. Canton, TX 

  • Best cc tee I have, thanks for the info on ordering next smaller size, Kelly C., KY

  • I had ordered my husband one before and I wash it out about every other night as he wears it everyday so now he has three. Thanks for your fast shipping. I will be ordering more in the future I am sure. NaDean V., AR ​

  • Size is perfect and Holster works great for my Glock 23 and 27. Fast shipping! Justin S., IL

  • Thanks for such a FAST turn around on exchanging my 2 large black shirts for 2 medium black ones. The mediums fit perfect! Jeff A., Akron, OH 

  • Wow!  Great response and service - thank you! Take Care, Dan W., FL

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  • I have received the replacement shirt and it fits well.  Great CC shirtThanks, Dan W., FL

  • Sure had a happy husband on Christmas! Your price is much better then the Glock Store! Thanks!!!! - Coleen M., CA

  • Husband loves it! Fits good and doesn't pull shirt with weight of his weapon. - Carol W., TN

  • I've received the t-shirt, it fits great, the correct size (med). Supports my XD MOD2 good. Thank you, Ronald

  • The shirt fits very nice and amazingly comfortable! Thank you very much! I'm tellin everyone I know about it:) - Marcus
  • Great deal ! 5 STARS ALL AROUND. Really nice fit.I am buying another, realreal fast delivery. Ken, OR
  • I purchase one of your holster shirts. Just wanted you to know that this looks great. I have wanted something like is for a couple of years now. I have a 70 dollar shirt that is made out of the moisture wicking material and has holsters on both sides. This material makes me so hot that I can't wear it. I have been looking at ways to make one out of a regular t-shirt material myself for about two years and just couldn't get anything made that would hold my firearms secure enough to wear. So when I come across this this definitely made me feel very excited and now that I see the quality and how comfortable it is and how well it secures my firearms. I mean it's a t-shirt not hot to wear at any temperature.
    I will be telling all my coworkers about your products. I'm a P/T Security Officer for a local company. - Johnny, GA
  • Very happy with the purchase. Probably get another in white. - Ron A.

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  • Happy husband! Purchased the shirt holsters for my husband's birthday. He said that they were comfortable to wear and was pleased with the quality of the shirts. - Michelle B.
  • great quality, comes a bit larger. could have used a XL instead of the XXL, gun is carried a bit low but thats due to the size. plan on buying this in a smaller size.
  • VERY COOL this is very sturdy. I love this. great concealed for my chief special.
  • Shirt arrived today. I've only tried it on but it fit good. The Shield fit the holster like a glove. Not sure about the Velcro. It might have a use if you were running or rolling down a hill but the handgun was pretty snug without having to really use it. Also liked it's position it didn't rub on the inside of my arm. All in all I'm very impressed. -Posted on
  • Good item. Fits well on my 5'10" 180 lbs frame. Thanks for having available. - Robert S., Sheridan, OR

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  • Could be longer, but fit well holds gun nice will be ordering another later. 

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  • Thank you very much for having larger sizes. Just because we are bigger doesn't mean we don't want to protect ourselves and families. I will tell all my friends about your sizes and products. Please contact me if you get other shirts or tanks in. -  Andrew M., Vancouver, WA
  • I'm fat and don't typically wear T-shirts, but this T-shirt has function and comfort I will buy several more I could definitely get used to wearing this T-shirt. 
  • I love my new holster!  - Jose L., Dallas, TX
  • Item arrived quickly and in perfect condition. Glad I made the purchase
  • Thanks for the great item! Pleasure doing business with you! - Anthony W., Meriden, CT
  • "As described, solid" - Josh M., Lancaster, PA 
  • "Just as discribed order size down from normal great item" - Douglas R., Boca Raton, FL 
  • "Fast Shipping. Product in perfect condition and very versatile! Awesome!!!" - Sean S., Wellington CO
  • Great products .. Very Quick Shipping ... Would use this dealer again." - Karl A., Pace FL
  • Great customer service and product. - Frank L., Yoncalla, OR
  • Great service and fast delivery. - Charles C., Land O Lakes, FL
  • May take 3 or 4 nights with the wax paper; but, love the holster. - Sean S., San Antonio, TX
  • I wear my holster shirts almost everyday and I love them. I recommend these shirts. I ordered a large & a medium. The medium fits best. They are true to size. - Debbie O.
  • This is my 2nd order,...ordered size med for skinny summer days and this order today was a large for fat winter wear, love the cc and will get more they are the best ever, thank you. - Cpl B C Huff USMC
  • Fits perfectly. I prefer concealed carry and I purchased this mostly for warm weather. Wearing a vest is very uncomfortable in the summer months. I was concerned that my Glock 43 might cause this shirt to pull at the neck and be sagging and uncomfortable to wear, or would no properly secure my weapon. I decided to give it a try and was very pleased that the shirt was comfortable and it supported my 9mm weapon very well. I can wear this along with a sleeveless shirt I modified to help keep it concealed. I’ve been looking for a way to carry concealed and not look like robo cop in a tactical vest, and be able to keep cooler in the humid summer months. Give it a try, I think you will find it a quality product. - James A., Pekin, IN
  • Order was delivered, all is good.  Shirt is GREAT.  I will be ordering more.  Thanks again!! - Jim B., Foxboro, MA
  • I love my new holster. Thank you very much. - Karen K.,Cedar Springs, MI

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  •  CCW, I am very impressed with the shirt, customer service and your company! 1- Thank you greatly for my Military Discount ( seems like us Vet's are forgotten sometimes, but this is still the Greatest Country in the WORLD ! 2- Shipping was unbelievable quick! I was totally shocked! 3- Shirt is Great! Comfortable and breathable for the body. My firearms are happy with there new home. This shirt is Amazing. I'm going to order a White one next month. My normal size shirt is a 4X. The 3X you sent me wears just fine. Difficult to find concealed carry wear for us big guys. I'm happier than a fat man at a buffet table !! I'm letting others know about your products." - Thanks Mark D., Conyers, GA 

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