Light Bearing Holster Shirts

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Shirt Holster for Laser or Light Equipped Pistols 

Concealment shirt is an excellent holster option for light or laser-equipped guns that offers great gun security and is intended for deep concealment.  


  • Durable shirt holster fits pistols with lasers, lights and flashlight attached to a front rail
  • Holds most semi-auto sub-compact, compact, full size, 1911 style pistols
  • Provides comfortable concealment under any of your front opening garments
  • Easily access your firearm from a seated position, even while wearing a seat belt
  • Built in undergarment strap holds the weight of your firearm
  • A Velcro retention strap for the pistol
  • Holster shirt can be machine washed and dried without shrinking
  • 50/50 poly-cotton blend t-shirt
  • Available for right handed shooters only
  • Holsters proudly made in the U.S.A.

Please note: These shirts are made to order. Please allow up to 7  to 10 business days for production and shipping.

This concealed carry shirt is comfortable, just like regular a T-shirt, and provides classic look while inconspicuously combining the convenience of strong and secure built-in gun holster. The shirt holster features extra thick elastic and a retention strap to secure your weapon and allows you to comfortably carry a handgun equipped with Viridian lasers, Crimson Trace lasers like Lightguard or Laserguard, lights and lasers by LaserMax, gun sights trainer lasers by LaserLyte, or a flashlight mounted in front of the trigger guard. You can also easily carry a pistol equipped with both laser and a light.

"Way KOOL!!! Better than described!! Super fast shipping!!! A++++++++!!! Thanks!" - Michael S., Rutherfordton, NC

Below are examples of lasers by Crimson Trace that this shirt holster will accommodate:

Examples of lasers and lights by Viridian that this shirt holster will accommodate:

Examples of lasers and lights by LaserMax that this shirt holster will accommodate: 

Lights and lasers by Streamlight this shirt holster will accommodate: 


    These concealed carry shirts are gender neutral and fit all body shapes, just like a regular t-shirt. The shirts are created for cross draws (drawing the gun from the holster across your body) and are available for right handed shooters only.

    Please note: When ordering, it is highly recommended you order a size smaller than you normally wear as our shirts tend to run large and for the concealment aspect, it is more favorable to have a snug fit. 

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    Regular Holster shirts for pistols without lasers or lights are available here. 

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    Size Chart for CCwear Holster Shirts

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