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Thanks for stopping by! Concealed Carry Wear is a US holster manufacturer that specializes in undercover tactical wear used by law enforcement, federal agents, executive protection and civilian concealed carry.

Please feel free to browse our product collection which is constantly growing and currently includes Leather Holsters,  Holster Shirts for men, women, big and tall, men's Tactical concealed carry shirts that work best in conjunction with our Holster Shirts, gun belts and fanny pack holsters.

Our passion for innovation has brought our break-through products to life. We fully test all of our products, not in some lab, but out in the real world. Our products have been tested by law enforcement, professionals and experts from all different fields. Hey, our holster shirts are even tested by agents that can break bowling balls!

 We strive and expect the best, just like you. The demand for ultimate comfort when concealing firearms has resulted in our gear becoming the number one choice for many who conceal carry. Please read the testimonials page to see what our customers say about Concealed Carry Wear's products.

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We strive to deliver maximum customer satisfaction with concealed carry gear, and are 100% dedicated to making the best products, with the best materials, at the best price.