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Tactical Shirts with False Chest Buttons

Allow you quick access to your handgun, and work perfectly in conjunction with CCWear Holster shirts.


• Two hex-style pockets to keep you organized and ready for action

• Soil resistant

• Color retention

• Wickable / quick dry

• Blend: 65% Polyester / 35% Cotton

• Care: Industrial Wash or Home Wash 

• Fabric: 4.25 oz. Poplin

• False buttons with hook and loop closure at chest

In a real emergency where a few seconds can mean the difference between life or death, our tactical shirts can literally be a lifesaver. These fine quality tactical shirts resemble an average button-down cotton shirt, but allow for lighting quick access to your handgun in an emergency, thanks to their specialized design. Although the tactical shirt appears to close with buttons, a hook and loop closure at the chest is hidden on the shirtfront. When you need to take action, you can quickly open the shirt and access your firearm.

Tactical shirt by Concealed Carry Wear, USA

Our tactical shirts feature two hex-style pockets, each of which can be used to hold other gear that you need to keep within easy reach.The shirts are wickable; which means, the fabric has the ability to dispense moisture and lets it go through the surface of the fabric to allow for quick drying. Made of a poplin blend of polyester and cotton, the tactical shirt is lightweight and has a short-sleeve style that makes it comfortable even on hot days. The tactical shirts are available in black, and go perfectly in conjunction with our holster shirts.

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Our tactical shirts are designed to be incredibly easy to care for. The fabric is treated to be soil-resistant, so it will continue to look fresh and clean for longer. When it requires laundering, the tactical shirt can be washed in a home washing machine or at an industrial washing facility. The quick dry fabric makes the tactical shirt ready to wear sooner after washing for added convenience.

Having a concealed carry permit shows that you're serious about your own personal safety. Ensure that if the time ever arrives where you need the protection of your firearm, you'll be ready to quickly react by buying a Concealed Carry Wear's tactical shirt today.

WARNING: Consumers purchase and use this product at their own risk