9 Gift Ideas for Women's Personal Defense

gifts for women who carry concealed

Finding the perfect gift for a woman can be a challenge with so many great options available. If you are looking for a unique and practical gift for a special woman in your life, how about something in personal defense that will keep her safe and give her (and yourself) peace of mind?

Having used personal defense items for a number of years, I've put together a list of my top 9 favorites, which as a woman and a conceal carry licensee, I would lover to receive as a gift.

So here it is:

 1. Hoster Shirt by Concealed Carry Wear 


Womens Gun Shirt by Concealed Carry Wear

With a limited number of holster shirt manufacturers, the ones by Concealed Carry Wear are the most comfortable and practical, and they feel and look just like a regular t-shirt, without restricting your movements. These can be worn under any open front garment and are available for right and left handed shooters. The built in holster can hold sub-compact, compact, full size, 1911 style pistols and revolvers. With the most color choices than any other brand, you are sure to find the one she'll love!

Price: $29.99-35.95

2. Packin' Neat Purse Insert

packin neat purse insert

This unique purse insert by Packin' Neat allows you to turn pretty much any of your existing purses, including designer handbags, into a concealed carry purse.

Made of 100% durable Nylon and forming products, this product combines a purse organizer with a holster to keep your firearm positioned correctly and isolated.  The firearm is stored in a downward facing direction inside the purse to allow for quick and easy access.

Now she can finally use all those purses she has in her closet (and carry concealed) thanks to this purse insert!

Price: $79.95

3. Streetwise Sting Ring Stun Gun

sting ring stun gun

Your wouldn't want to be on the receiving end of this sleek looking 18 Million Volt Rechargeable Sting Ring Stun GunThe taser features squeeze-n-stun technology, is easily concealable, has a safety switch, and is rechargeable so it is always ready for use. The over the knuckle design helps prevent an attacker from gaining control of the stun gun. The ease of use, concealability, and strong electric current makes this model one of the best new stun gun models on the market today.

Price: $31.99

 4. The Bagheera Holster by Buffalo Holsters


If your lady likes both bang and bling, surprise her with the Bagheera outside-the-waistband leather holster. Encrusted with genuine Swarovski crystals available in three different colors, this holster will accommodate sub-compact, compact, full size and 1911 style pistols and is super comfy to wear. Your lady not into bling? Then try one of the natural leather black or tan versions without crystals

Price: $27.95 for a black holster with crystals

$22.95 for a tan or black holster with no crystals

5. The MUNIO Self Defense Keychain

Munio key chain

This handy non lethal self defense tool is made of a solid, high strength, impact resistant plastic making it virtually unbreakable. This video demonstrates ways MUNIO can be used to protect yourself from an attacker. The innocent looking keychain features designer artwork on both sides and comes in a multitude of stunning patterns. With a lifetime warranty this versatile self defense tool just can't be beat.

Price: $9.95

6. Leather Concealed Carry Purse by Roma Leather

Roma leathers CCW purse

If your lady carries concealed, you may also consider getting her this purse by Roma Leathers. I have tried a number of CCW purses over the years and this one in my opinion is the most comfortable, convenient and practical. It's made of genuine leather, has a wide comfortable shoulder strap, and a hidden dual zippered gun compartment that is easily reachable.  

Price: $59.99 

7. Pocket Knife by Buck Knives

Image credit: https://north40.com/

This sleek, lightweight knife features thumb studs on both sides of the blade for easy one hand opening and a mid-lockback location for smooth closing. The blade is made of stainless steel, and the stylish handle is textured molded plastic. Made in the USA, this knife is perfect for everyday carry and currently is available in solid black or orange camo as shown in the photo above.

Price: $17.99-$22.99 depending on the color.

8. Pocket Pepper Spray by Mace

pepper spray
Image credit: www.mace.com

This Pocket Pepper Spray by Mace is ready if and when you need it. The safety cap prevents accidental discharge while the finger grip dispenser makes it easy to aim. This model is compact and has a key chain, ideal to keep with your keys or tuck into a pocket or purse. 

 Price: $14.99

 9. Fifth Avenue Waist Pack by JanSport 

waist pack holster pouch by jansport pink and black

This super convenient and roomy waist pouch can be used to carry anything from your phone, wallet, keys, or pepper spray to a handgun, and I have been wearing it almost daily since I got it as a gift from my husband a few years ago. With convenient zippered pockets you can access your items very quickly. 5 color options are currently available at the manufacture's website.


Some of the items mentioned above may be illegal in your state, so be sure to check your state's laws before buying.

Do you own one of the above listed items and would like to comment on it? Are there any items or accessories you or someone you know use on a regular basis for personal defense or conceal carry that you think would be a perfect gift? Feel free to comment below.

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