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Our CCWear Holster Shirt eliminates the need to wear a bulky, conspicuous holster with your clothing to carry your firearm. The benefits of combining a holster with an ordinary looking t-shirt are obvious, but many people wonder how practical CCWear Shirts are in terms of their durability. After all, the shirt would only be useful if the holster was strong enough to endure intense situations.

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In addition to being designed for comfort and inconspicuous style, our Holster Shirt  is crafted for strength. The holster can endure up to 10 pounds of weight. If an assailant was physically attempting to take you down, the holster would not rip away from the shirt or tear. If you should suffer a fall or be involved in a scuffle, the holster is engineered to maintain its grip on your gun, so that your weapon will not fall out and leave you disarmed.

To ensure that they are of the highest strength, the CCWear Holster Shirts are rigorously tested in a variety of simulations of intense, life-threatening situations. The holster's shape allows it to securely accommodate a wide variety of handguns, allowing you to wear the shirt while carrying all of your firearms with confidence.


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Due to their high quality materials and durable, innovative design, you can rely on our Holster Shirts, the perfect way to inconspicuously carry all of your handguns. We hope that you never find yourself in a situation where you need to rely on the strength of our shirts, but if you do, you'll be prepared with a durable, secure holster.




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